Joseph Bonaparte

Engraving after the portrait by Innocent L. Goubaud
London, Samuel W. Reynolds, 1833
Gift of Joseph N. DuBarry, IV, 1984

Joseph Bonaparte (1768-1844), eldest of Napoleon's brothers, was placed on the throne of Naples and the Two Sicilies and then proclaimed King of Spain and the Indies (1808). Following the collapse of the Empire and the Battle of Waterloo, Joseph fled to America where he adopted the title of Comte de Survilliers. He occupied houses in Philadelphia prior to purchasing and developing a grand estate of more than 1000 acres at "Point Breeze" near Bordentown, New Jersey, where he lived for many years. The artist Goubaud (1780-1847) painted several members of the Bonaparte family, including the Comte de Survilliers in 1831 during his residence at "Point Breeze."

Joseph Hopkinson

Lithograph after the portrait by James R. Lambdin
Philadelphia, P. S. Duval, 1843

Joseph Hopkinson (1770-1842), congressman, jurist, and author of "Hail Columbia" maintained a country residence at Bordentown, NJ, and became a close advisor, friend, and eventual executor of Joseph Bonaparte, Comte de Survilliers. Various members of the family were given objects by Bonaparte which have come to the Athenĉum from several sources, most notably from Miss Emily Gilpin Hopkinson. The artist Lambdin (1807-1889) specialized in portraits; for most of his life he maintained a studio in Philadelphia.

Charlotte Bonaparte

Charles B. Lawrence (attributed)

Oil on canvas, c. 1824
Gift of Emily Gilpin Hopkinson, 1973

Charlotte Bonaparte (1802-1839), the younger of Joseph Bonaparte's two daughters, lived at "Point Breeze" for three years. An accomplished artist (she studied with Jacques Louis David) Charlotte exhibited several of her paintings at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Two small works by her from the Athenĉum collection are shown elsewhere in this exhibition. In 1824 she married her cousin, Napoleon Louis, eldest surviving son of Louis Bonaparte, former King of Holland, and spent the remainder of her life in Europe.

Catherine of Wurtenberg (1783-1835)

Oil on ivory, c. 1810-1815
Gift of Emily Gilpin Hopkinson, 1973

Jerome Bonaparte (1784-1860), youngest of Napoleon's brothers, married Elizabeth Patterson of Baltimore in 1803. (From that union are descended the American Bonapartes.) Napoleon, however, annulled the marriage by imperial decree and Jerome was made King of Westphalia shortly after his arranged marriage to the Princess Catherine of Wurtenberg in 1807. Joseph Bonaparte had several portraits of his brother and the Princess Catherine at "Point Breeze." This one he gave to Mrs. Joseph Hopkinson.

Pair of deeply faceted glass and ormolu ewers

France, c. 1800-1820
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. David Stockwell, 1972


Porcelain vase France, mid-19th century

Gift of Pauline T. Pease, 1979


Silver ink stand

France, c. 1810-20
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. David Stockwell, 1972


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