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Online Exhibitions & Symposia

Yellowbacks: Don't Judge These Victorian Books By Their Covers

Online version of exhibition from March 6-March 31, 2015

This online version contains all of the Athenaeum's yellowbacks, not only those that were featured in the physical exhibition.


Fans at The Athenaeum

This online exhibition is made possible through a generous grant from the Fan Association of North America (FANA).

Jacob Stelman: Architectural Photography, 1936-1970

Online version of exhibition from August 31-November 7, 2009

  Elegant Things & Vile Uses: The Civil War and The United States Capitol Building

Online version of exhibition from April 9-May 18, 2012

Gasoliers to Chandeliers: Lighting Fixtures of The Athenaeum

  Ladies of The Athenaeum
Art Bound: Book Design Past & Present

Online version of exhibition from June 16- August 28, 2008


Thomas Ustick Walter: Historic Architecture for a Modern World

Online version of exhibition from April 3- September 30, 2004


Chess at The Athenaeum of Philadelphia

  Developing Urban Images: 50 Years of Philadelphia Architecture as Seen Through the Lens of Lawrence S. Williams

Online version of exhibition from November 5, 2003- February 27, 2004

The Art of the Fan: Beyond the Victorian Lady

Online version of exhibition from February 1-March 16, 2013

Keeping Time: Clocks at The Athenaeum

Cast in Bronze at The Athenaeum: 19th Century Bronze Sculpture


American House Museums in the 21st Century

Papers from a symposium held at the Athenaeum from December 4-5, 1998