Fans at the Athenaeum
Object ID:
Cockade fan with black painted wood guards and four overlapping pleated paper leaves. The four leaves — one each of pink, blue, orange and red — radiate in progressively larger sizes from the common pivot point. Each leaf is printed with a floral design, and the scalloped edges are covered with narrow silver metallic bands. Decorative wooden disks cover both sides of the pivot; the front disk is embellished with a single tassel. This unusual fan opens dramatically with a magnificent burst of color.

Dimension Details:
Guard length: 19"
Leaf height: pink 4.25"; blue 8.25"; orange 11.25"; red 16.25"
Open width: 38.25"
Arc (degrees when open): 180
0 sticks / 2 guards

Place of Origin:
Probably southeast Asia
20th century
Credit Line:
Anonymous gift
This online exhibition is made possible through a generous grant from the Fan Association of North America (FANA).
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partially opened fanpartially opened fan
closed fanclosed fan
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