Fans at the Athenaeum
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Folding souvenir fan with single paper pleated leaf, advertising the Hotel Adelphia. The paper leaf is printed with blue and yellow flowers and gold highlights. The outer edge of the leaf is perforated and scalloped to give it a lacy effect. White painted wood guards and sticks are stamped with gold floral designs. A single tassel on a thin cord attaches to a metal loop at the rivet. The back of the right (front) guard is stamped MADE IN JAPAN. The back of the left (rear) guard is stamped Hotel Adelphia.

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View an image of the Hotel Adelphia, built in 1912.

Dimension Details:
Guard length: 8.5"
Leaf height: 4.75"
Open width: 15.5"
Arc (degrees when open): 155
21 sticks / 2 guards

Place of Origin:
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Anonymous gift
This online exhibition is made possible through a generous grant from the Fan Association of North America (FANA).
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front viewfront view
detail of back guarddetail of back guard