Fans at the Athenaeum
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Folding fan with double paper pleated leaf, advertising the Seven Star Crags and Star Lake Resorts in Guangdong, People's Republic of China. The leaf front shows a bird's eye view of the seven peaks; their natural arrangement is thought to resemble the stars of the Big Dipper. The reverse side describes the Seven Star Crags in both Chinese and English. Sticks and guards are bamboo.

The English text on the reverse explains that the Party and the People's Government enhanced the natural beauty of the area by creating a network of dikes, lakes and scenic vistas. "With its colourful hills and lakes, the Seven Stars Crags look more lovely than ever since the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution," which took place between 1966 and 1976.

Dimension Details:
Guard length: 9.125"
Leaf height: 5.25"
Open width: 15.25"
Arc (degrees when open): 130
16 sticks / 2 guards

Place of Origin:
People's Republic of China
after 1966
Credit Line:
Gift of Johnathan White Ericson
This online exhibition is made possible through a generous grant from the Fan Association of North America (FANA).
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front viewfront view
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front viewfront view
reverse (back) viewreverse (back) view
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