Fans at the Athenaeum
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Folding fan with double fabric pleated leaf. Cream color silk front is hand painted with a floral motif of wheat stalks and daisies. Imitation ivory (bone?) sticks and guards are carved and pierced. Leaf reverse is plain cream color fabric. Rivet is missing; guards and sticks are held together loosely with a makeshift satin ribbon.

Close inspection reveals that the sides of the sticks and guards close to the rivet hole are hand penciled with the numbers 1 through 16, indicating the proper sequence for assembling the fan components during the manufacturing process. The numbers would be hidden when the rivet is inserted.

To Learn More:
Learn about the different types of imitation ivory.

Dimension Details:
Guard length: 12.75"
Leaf height: 8.5"
Open width: 22.5"
Arc (degrees when open): 140
14 sticks / 2 guards

Credit Line:
Anonymous gift
This online exhibition is made possible through a generous grant from the Fan Association of North America (FANA).
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front viewfront view
leaf detailleaf detail
detail of sticksdetail of sticks