Fans at the Athenaeum
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Folding fan with double paper pleated leaf, advertising the Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong. The front leaf displays a historic view of Hong Kong, with small boats and masted sailing ships in the harbor, small buildings hugging the shoreline, and rugged mountains soaring in the distance. The reverse side advertises nine different restaurants, bars and lounges that were located within the Mandarin Hotel. The sticks and guards are bamboo; a plastic fob hangs by a cord from the aluminum loop.

The Mandarin Hotel was the tallest building (25 stories) in Hong Kong when it opened in 1963. It was widely acclaimed as one of the most modern and prestigious hotels in the East, attracting both locals as well as an impressive roster of foreign celebrities, royalty and business titans. Now known as the Mandarin Oriental, the hotel remains a favorite landmark in Hong Kong.

Dimension Details:
Guard length: 8.625"
Leaf height: 5"
Open width: 13.75"
Arc (degrees when open): 120
8 sticks / 2 guards

Place of Origin:
Hong Kong
mid 20th century
Credit Line:
Gift of Johnathan White Ericson
This online exhibition is made possible through a generous grant from the Fan Association of North America (FANA).
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front viewfront view
reverse (back) viewreverse (back) view