Philadelphia County Prison

at Moyamensing, Debtors’ Apartment 


10th St. and Passyunk Ave.

Philadelphia, PA



Like his former master, John Haviland, Walter thought that this powerful style was uniquely suited to modern prison design and he employed it at the Debtor’s Apartment of the new County Prison at Moyamensing.


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Temple of Solomon

Below: “All that can be Ascertained from the Bible Respecting it”


Right: “Some of the Details of…”


The drawing of the column details of Solomon’s Temple illustrates how seemingly contradictory Biblical specifications can be harmonized to ensure their literal accuracy. The other drawing reflects Walter’s acknowledgement that even if the Biblical specifications of the temple were completely accurate, they were by no means complete. Probably drawn when he was teaching Sunday School at the E Street Baptist Church in Washington , this drawing compares the relative sizes of the ancient temple with buildings his scholars would have been familiar with, the U.S. Capitol and the Patent Office.

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