Thomas Ustick Walter

Oil Portrait by John Neagle


This portrait of the architect shows him at the start of his prolific career. Behind him are visible a fluted column at Girard College and a distant view of the Philadelphia County Prison at Moyamensing. Both were under construction when the portrait was completed. A receipt in the amount of $180 for painting “Portraits of wife & self” survives in the Architect’s papers at the Athenæum.



Amanda Gardiner Walter

Oil Portrait by Emanuel Leutze


Amanda Gardiner Walter (1821-1892) was born in Delaware County, PA, the daughter of Richard and Hannah Gardiner. She married Thomas Ustick Walter in 1848, bore two children by him and raised six of his children by his first wife.

The German-born historical painter Emanuel Leutze (1816-1868) is best known for his “Washington Crossing the Delaware ” (1850). Walter records in his diary (preserved at the Athenæum) on April 1, 1852, “Worked at plans of Washington…Took Mrs. W & children to Capitol to see Leutze’s picture…Dined at the Presidents with Mrs. Walter."



Mary Ann Elizabeth Hancocks Walter

Oil Portrait by John Neagle


Mary Ann Walter (1806-1847) was born in Philadelphia, the daughter of Robert and Marian Hancocks. She married Thomas Ustick Walter in 1824 and died following the birth of their eleventh child. According to her husband, “she was a lady of estimable qualities of mind, and of genial and engaging manners, fulfilling her duties to society with exactness, and propriety, and to her family with tenderness and love. She managed well the affairs of her household and, and trained her children with prudence and affection.”  


Portrait of Thomas Ustick Walter

Salted Paper Print

c. 1865



Group Portrait

November 29, 1871

Left to right: John McArthur, Jr., Thomas U. Walter and Henry A. Sims

At the time of this portrait all three of its subjects were members of the newly formed Philadelphia Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, whose offices at that time were on the third floor of the Athenæum’s building.


Architect’s Shingle

c. 1855

Walter Family Photo



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